Whatup peoples!?

Hows things? I am writing this blog post for several reasons:

1) We should read a new fucking book! I've been on a kinda dystopian kick as of late, and thought maybe others might be interested in reading something in the same vein. Yay/nay? Recommendations?

2) In the English class that I am currently teaching we decided as a class that we are going to split up into groups and read books that we would classify as "mind expanding." It's a pretty broad category that I think could be pretty generative, but a lot of my students are leaning towards "UFOs came and took my baby while I was high on cough syrup" type stuff, instead of things that actually might have a bit of basis in reality. Does anybody have any suggestions for quality, non alien life form-based, mind expanding reads?

3) Lastly, my lovely girlfriend has recently started a blog about her DIY craftiness and the projects she works on. She is interested in having like minded people also read her blog, but as of right now she hasn't been overwhelmed by people looking at and commenting on her stuff. If that's up your alley you might want to give it a look. It is located at:


Hope everybody is doing smashingly, Perro Fantasma OUT!


Hunter S. Thompson

In the spirit of the booqclub and what once was, we go?

I am gonna get tickets. say "AYE" if you are down.


Squeeze Me!

I am feeling HERE would be a good place to meet.

I am ready. Are you?


I, Professor David Kepesh

I'm almost done with The Breast. 
Our meeting should be quite interesting. Looking forward!


Who wants breast?

PHILIP ROTH's THE BREAST  should we warm up to this? 
It's only 89 pages long, so it should be a quick little read. 
If you're down for some mammary action say AYE AYE :




Time in Joint?

Gettin ready for a (hopefully) adventure-filled summer...


Anybody reading anything?

Hey there gang. How goes it? Where everybody be at? Anybody read anything good lately? I just finished Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood, and it was pretty bad ass. I would certainly recommend it if you're into post-apocalyptic dystopian type stuff.


new year, new habits, old habits, renew habits


Inner Experience

Interrogating the Real

what are you reading?



EXCITANTIA/provokers & agitators/COFFEA ARABICA
{following excerpts taken from Dale Pendell's Pharmako Dynamis}

Common Names: Coffee. Kahvey. Java. Crank. Bean. Joe. Go Juice. Ambition.

How taken: As a beverage, in a cup, extracted with hot water by refluxing (“percolated coffee”), by percolating (“drip coffee"), or by decoction (“campfire coffee”). Drunk in a demitasse, as espresso. With milk, as café au lait or caffe latte. With steamed milk with foam on top, as cappuccino. From a Styrofoam cup, at public meetings. From a thermos, directly. On occasion, squirted through a rubber tube and plastic syringe, as a colonic enema.

Effects: A tendency to philosophize. A tendency to repartee and wit.

History: According to legend, we learned about coffee from goats… [yes, goats!]. The first coffeehouse in the West opened in Venice in 1560; from there, coffee spread north over the next century. By 1700 there were 3000 coffeehouses in London.

[Trivia]: Voltaire drank seventy-two cups of coffee a day. He used his lover’s back as a writing desk. Balzac drank even more coffee than Voltaire –eighty to one hundred cups a day. He wrote more than one hundred novels.

The Ally: At a famous coffeehouse in Paris, The Café Foy, a journalist named Camille Desmoulins who had drunk a great deal of coffee climbed onto the table and delivered a passionate and articulate speech on freedom and the evils of monarchy. A large crowd gathered. The words were repeated and the speech was paraphrased. It was July, 1789. Two days later the Bastille fell.


When the black spirits pour inside us,

Then the spirit of God and air

And all that is wondrous within

Moves us through the night, never-ending.

-Rumi, 13th Century



Hello friends. I am assuming you all finished reading Zola some time ago. Whats next? A meeting or another book?
Seeing as this book club has a tendency to stagnate, I was thinking that it would be nice if we just started posting what we are reading independently. This way we can keep in touch and maybe even inspire each other to read something. By lowering the bar just a little bit we may be able to avoid the hassle of trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time (which seems to be difficult). If the stars align and several of us read a book at the same time then we can celebrate by meeting and getting drunk. This is just an idea, nothing serious. If you guys want to continue with the original plan that is okay by me.

I just finished "Go tell it on The Mountain" by James Baldwin and I am now reading "Nausea" by Jean-Paul Sartre. Next I will read "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand


Zola in Technicolor

Once again a flame burned in his chest, and he clutched at his body as though
trying to block an opening through which his entire being might slip away

He walked straight ahead and became lost in the vegetables. 
He followed one narrow path, turned down another, 
tried to retrace his steps, but took a wrong turn 
and was once again lost in the greens.

For the last time he raised his eyes and looked at the market glittering in the sun. 
Bright sunshine was steaming through the covered passageways from the other end, 
splitting the pavilions with a beam of light, while fiery shafts poured down 
on the distant expanse of roofs.

The great iron framework grew less clear and turned bluish, 
a mere silhouette outlined against the flaming sunlight.

High above, a windowpane caught fire 
and flame dripped down the slopping zinc roof all the way to the gutter. 

Below, the glowing metropolis was lit by a cloud of golden dust

- fragments from pages 33 & 34


In HEAT and then some

Ok, so a few of us are done with Heat and are moving on to the next one: 

mmmm...  food